Privacy and DeFi: zkBob April DeFi Updates

DeFi updates for the BOB protocol from April 2023.

zkBob April 2023 updates

BOB and zkBob continue to make inroads into the world of DeFi. Below are a few quick highlights from April 2023.

1) BOB is now on Arbitrum

The BOB stablecoin is currently accessible on five chains and can be exchanged, converted, and transferred between Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, Optimism, and Arbitrum. Keep an eye out for upcoming integrations on Arbitrum in the near future!

2) Wombat Exchange Integration

Speaking of integrations, Wombat is now launching on Arbitrum and BOB is joining the party! πŸ₯³ Take a look at the Wombat exchange, where you can exchange and stake your preferred stablecoins:

zkBob integration with Wombat on Arbitrum

Want a boost? BOB holders can boost rewards by providing liquidity in several different ways.

The boosted BOB pool on Wombex

On Magpie

On Quoll

3) BOB on Velodrome

We're thrilled to share that BOB is now available on Velodrome - the top trading and liquidity platform on Optimism. The BOB pools are already gaining significant depth 🏊🏼 at

BOB stablecoin on Velodrome

4) BOB on Kyberswap

The latest BOB KyberSwap campaign is in full swing. We had a fantastic AMA on Twitter Spaces with the KyberSwap team last Wednesday, where we addressed community questions about liquidity, future plans, and borrowing BOB.

Interested farmers πŸ§‘β€πŸŒΎ should check out the KyberSwap farms on Polygon and OP for some bountiful BOB harvests!

5) BOB CDP Preview

We're pleased to announce that the BOB CDP app is nearly complete! After it goes live, you'll be able to use a carefully selected assortment of Univ3 LP positions to create and borrow BOB from your LPs. While we put the finishing touches on it, take a look at this sneak peek πŸ‘€.

BOB CDP for minting BOB stablecoin

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