Bringing Privacy to web3 Gaming: Betswirl adds BOB

Betswirl has integrated BOB to bring support for stablecoins and privacy options for players.

zkBob privacy and Betswirl gaming integration

Betswirl is a platform for smart contract-based games of chance and bets between players. Automated, decentralized, and trustless fund collection provide safety and transparency for all participants. With BOB and zkBob bringing added support for privacy options and stablecoins, Betswirl and BOB complement each other perfectly, creating a 🔥🌀🙌 experience.

We're thrilled to announce that Betswirl has recently integrated BOB into their Polygon and BNB applications, and a new deployment on Arbitrum One is coming soon!

The initial integration of BOB is with Betswirl's 'Russian Roulette' game. Here, the host begins by setting a variety of parameters. These include the number of seats at the table, the buy-in amount and token type (BOB), and the closing date.

zkBob Betswirl parameters

Based on these parameters, either a single or multiple participants are left standing at the end of the game, and they divide the pot amongst themselves. Additionally, the host receives a small portion of the pot for organizing the game, while the remaining fees are sent to the protocol.

The game host has the option to either share the game link privately with their friends or publicly with anyone who wants to participate. The link takes participants directly to the table buy-in, and all they need to do is connect their wallet and sign to join the round, then hope for the best! The process is straightforward and easy to follow.

zkBob Betswirl game

BOB is an ideal token for games of chance and skill, providing a stable value that won't fluctuate from the time of game creation to payout. Additionally, BOB offers privacy options when combined with zkBOB. This allows players to maintain an extra layer of safety and anonymity during the game by breaking the link between their holding wallets and their playing wallets.

Using zkBob before Betswirl

If you want to increase the privacy of your funds, you can deposit BOB from a decentralized exchange into zkBob.

To get started, simply access the zkBob app and connect your MetaMask or WalletConnect Web3 wallet to create a zkAccount. Alternatively, you can create a new zkAccount without using a Web3 wallet.

Create a zkBob account for Betswirl

After creating a zkAccount on the app and depositing BOB to it, you can easily transfer some BOB to your friends for Betswirl games. Alternatively, if you wish to use your BOB for Betswirl, you can withdraw a portion to a new wallet address on Polygon - this can be a new or secondary wallet to maintain anonymity. You can then choose to play on Polygon or bridge your BOB to BNB or Arbitrum for Betswirl.

Using zkBob after Betswirl

After winning some BOB on Betswirl, you can easily deposit it into your zkBob zkAccount for added privacy or to send some of your winnings to other zkBob users.

If you're playing on Polygon, you can deposit directly, or if you prefer to use Optimism, you can bridge your BOB there and deposit. With BOB, it's simple to play on Betswirl while keeping your winnings private and your anonymity intact.

Experience the fun and privacy of using BOB on Betswirl with your friends on Polygon and BNB. Keep an eye out for the upcoming announcement of the availability of BOB on Arbitrum One. Give it a try to enjoy the thrill of playing games while preserving your privacy with BOB.

Preserve your privacy with zkBob and Betswirl