zkBob Recent Updates

More activity on the forums, blog and new community Medium are bringing in new interest and new users to the zkBob ecosystem.

zkBob recent updates

The zkBob smart contract wallet continues to evolve. BOB stablecoin pools never gained the same traction as USDC or ETH pools (on Optimism), and focus is now shifting away from BOB towards advancing the zkBob wallet feature set, including responsible compliance functionality. More activity on the forums, blog and new community Medium are bringing in new interest and new users to the zkBob ecosystem.

$BOB Inventory Reductions

BOB stablecoin inventory has been reduced on most chains with recent governance proposals. There was no longer a need for excess inventory and the BOB CDP mechanism will continue to provide stability and access to BOB based on supply and demand.

The latest proposal to remove excess inventory from Polygon is available here: https://forum.zkbob.com/t/proposal-to-remove-excess-bob-inventory-on-polygon/43

zkBob Forum

The zkBob Forum is active for discussions related to governance (such as the inventory discussions) as well as any questions related to how zkBob works or future directions. Please join the conversations and post your questions and comments at https://forum.zkbob.com/

zkBob Blog

The zkBob Blog has been adding more articles around basic crypto principles like privacy, decentralization and security. Check out the most recent articles:

Bitcoin Wallet and Smart Contract Wallet Security
Wallet security depends on a number of factors, including the type of wallet you use, how often you use it, and what types of applications you are interacting with.
Features of non-custodial, smart contract wallets
Self-custody and smart contracts work together with the zkBob wallet to provide safety and enhanced functionality when making transfers on the blockchain.
A basic introduction to zero-knowledge cryptography
A basic intro to the concepts that make zero-knowledge cryptography a powerful tool for providing privacy and trust on public blockchains.
Everyday privacy in web3 - 3 tips for beginners
With zkBob, ease-of-use supports transparency and privacy for personal transactions, private donations and private salary distributions.
Compliance in Privacy Protocols: zkBob and Responsible Usage
zkBob has developed a robust framework to ensure privacy in financial transactions while encouraging responsible usage.

zkBob Community Medium Channel

A new Medium channel is up for zkBob community members to add articles and help spread the word about zkBob. If you are interested in contributing, please get in touch via Discord, we'd love to share your work and bring more eyes and attention to the zkBob ecosystem.

zkBob – Medium
A Web3 smart-contract wallet based on ZKP technology. zkBob could be used for regular transfers, payments, and much more. Compliance features baked in!