New Private ETH pool on Optimism!

zkBob ETH pool on the Optimism network

The first Ethereum zkBob pool is now available for Optimism users.

The zkBob private wallet just took a major step forward today 🐾 with the introduction of the zkBob ETH pool on Optimism. Private ETH transactions are now easy and affordable thanks to the combination of zkBob's easy-to-use UI and the scaling capabilities of the Optimism ecosystem.

You can choose to deposit either ETH or WETH, and dropdown options in the wallet interface guide you to the network and pool. Your previous zkAccount will work to access the pool, or you can create an account using a connected web3 wallet (like Metamask) or a standalone seed phrase.

Using zkBob to connect to Optimism

Deposit limits and wallet screening are in place on the new pool to protect zkBob from accepting stolen or illicit ETH. A limit of 5 ETH deposited per day is place for new users, while KYC'd users can double their limits to deposit up to 10 ETH/day. Learn more about KYC in this post.

We're very excited for this new pool and easy, anonymous, and inexpensive ETH transactions with the zkBob private wallet. More details on the deployment are available in the zkBob docs.