New zkBob release

The latest zkBob release includes support for Tron and instant account creation.

New zkBob release

zkBob continues to provide private transaction options for users on Polygon and Optimism. The latest zkBob version (Web UI: v3.5.0 Library: v5.5.0 Relayer: v4.3.0) provides user access to zkBob on Tron at, enabling private USDT transfers.

On Tron you can connect your TronLink wallet, create an instant zkBob account, or use a web3 wallet you used previously to add your zkBob account and start transacting with USDT. Learn more about Tron here.

Another new addition is the Instant zkBob Account feature, making private wallet creation extremely simple. You no longer need to copy and store a seed phrase. Follow the flow to create a new instant account.

Select Create new zkAccount
Choose Instant zkBob account
Optional to set a password, provides more secure access to the site
Create and verify your password
A new account is created

Note that instant accounts utilize local storage and your account can be unrecoverable if local storage is cleared.

Additional updates include several bug fixes and language updates. View the latest changes on github at: