Send crypto to multiple addresses privately with zkBob Multitransfers

Send stable funds to a group in a single private transaction!

zkBob private crypto multi-transfer feature

zkBob introduced multitransfers as part of the 0.3.0 release

With multitransfer, you can enjoy the benefits of transaction batching along with advanced zk privacy. Send stable funds to your entire crew in a single private transaction!

Standard batch-transfer apps, such as,, and, enable blockchain users to send tokens to multiple addresses via batched transactions, saving time and fees. These apps are commonly used for airdrops and bulk distributions, and have processed millions of dollars worth of transactions. However, these batch-transfer apps lack privacy, as transactions are fully traceable from sender to recipient on the blockchain, which can be problematic in certain cases.

Salary Distributions Example

Consider salary distributions as an example. Using a batch-transfer app to send monthly salaries to a group of employees is much more efficient. The app allows the user to add all the user addresses and corresponding amounts to a csv file, which can be pasted into the app and sent through the interface with a single click. This saves time, reduces gas fees, and eliminates potential entry errors that may occur when entering and processing each transaction individually. However, since all transactions are initiated from the same source, they are interconnected. As a result, employees (and anyone else) can easily view the addresses of their colleagues and the amount they received, compromising their privacy.

zkBob Solution

zkBob's multitransfer feature provides a secure and anonymous solution to batch transfers using zk-proving mechanism. With multitransfer, users can easily send a batch of transfers through a single $0.10 fee, potentially saving hundreds of transactions. The feature allows for manual or csv input of addresses and amounts, with the added benefit of anonymity for the sender and recipients. zkBob's stable transfer fees make it an ideal solution for consistent and reliable value transfer. Several companies are already using zkBob and multitransfer for salary distribution, and we anticipate more to follow suit in the near future.

zkBob private multitransfer 1-step instruction

To get started, simply go to the Transfer tab, toggle the Multitransfer selector, then either enter in addresses and amounts, or upload a csv for processing. More details on the Multitransfer feature can be found at

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