zkBob: Privacy in Paris

Attendees to ETHCC and ETHGlobal Paris learned about the zkBob privacy preserving wallet and created several amazing hackathon projects.

Blockchain Privacy at ETHGlobal Paris
zkBob in Paris for ETHCC and ETHGlobal Paris

It's been more than a week since ETHCC and ETHGlobal Paris, and we had to write up a quick retro before more time passed and the next hackathon began! In Paris we had a chance to connect with many projects interested in incorporating crypto privacy into their applications, as well as catch up with old friends and meet a bunch of new ones. The hackathon was a success, and we look forward to seeing additional developments from projects that successfully built with zkBob.

ETHCC: Privacy and Compliance

ETHCC started out with a morning presentation on incorporating compliance into privacy applications. Privacy and compliance need to work together, and Andrew went over several ways privacy projects can begin to incorporate compliance without sacrificing individual privacy on-chain with the use of zero-knowledge technology.

Compliance and the next wave of privacy applications

We spent the rest of the week attending presentations and meeting with prominent members of the community throughout Paris. This year there were tons of side events and 2 venues for the main event, and the vibe was all about building and bringing on the next wave of users.

ETHGlobal: Integrating privacy-enhanced wallets

On the heels of ETCC, the ETHGlobal hackathon welcomed 1400+ attendees. Kirill presented a workshop on integrating zkBob as a privacy-enhanced smart contract wallet to get things started.

Integrating zkBob - a privacy-enhanced smart contract wallet.

The zkBob booth was busy as usual, and shirts and bags went quickly to interested attendees. We answered a lot of hacker's questions about privacy and how to incorporate zkBob into their private workflows.

zkBob booth at ETHGlobal Paris
Answering questions at the zkBob booth
zkBob shirts and stickers
zkBob swag didn't last long

Buidling privacy with zkBob

We had a number of amazing projects integrate with zkBob and use the new client library SDK to improve privacy in their applications. In the end, three winners were chosen for their unique use cases and usage of the zkBob protocol.

1) zkFundMe $3K

zkFundMe created an elegant solution for private donations. The UI was easy and clean and allows anyone to create a campaign and receive donations quickly and easily with zkBob.

ZkFundMe | ETHGlobal
ZkFundMe is a zero-knowledge based donation Platform for every use case. Everyone can upload their crisis and unfortunate events to ask for help from the decentralized community

2) Cypher Deposit $2K

The team behind Cypher Deposit was a previous zkBob hackathon winner (Alice's Ring) and they used the new SDK to create a fully-functional prototype for private withdrawals from exchanges. The team was also featured as a 🏆 ETHGlobal Paris 2023 Finalist and presented in the closing ceremonies, showing all attendees the power of zkBob and private crypto transactions.

Cypher Deposit | ETHGlobal
Cypher Deposit: Elevating financial privacy in crypto withdrawals. Securely withdraw funds via anonymous transfers & secure transactions, preserving anonymity.

3) Wallet Hopper $1K

Wallet Hopper is a unique address mapping application which lets users describe which assets they want to receive to potential senders. zkBob was integrated into the solution for users who request to receive assets privately.

Wallet Hopper | ETHGlobal
Solving the address mapping problem in a backwards-compatible way.

General Prize Pool $4K

In addition to the 3 best projects, a number of projects created zkBob accounts and explored the protocol, earning a share of the the 4K general prize pool. This pool was split between Edu Lend, NFT Together, ProofOfHack, Sybil Resistance DAO, Flora App, Wass Pay, Habitrac, ZKAplha, Checque DeFi, ZKChat and Pay.

We're looking forward to the next hackathon which is the virtual ETHOnline hackathon from October 6 – 27, 2023. This hackathon is longer and open to everyone around the world, regardless of your location. If you are interested, please consider applying and hacking on zkBob!