Privacy and Compliance: Higher Deposit Limits 💪😻 with KYC

Privacy and Compliance: Higher Deposit Limits 💪😻 with KYC

Learn how to connect zkBob with the Know Your Cat (KYC) protocol from Opium. Once connected with this optional KYC feature you will enjoy higher deposit limits on zkBob.

Getting KYC approved takes a few steps:

  1. Verify your identity on Binance.
  2. Mint a free BAB token on Binance.
  3. Visit Know your Cat protocol and mint a CAT token on Polygon.
  4. Connect your wallet containing your CAT to zkBob.

Let’s take a look 👀 ⬇️

KYC for Blockchain Privacy

Step 1: Verify your identity on Binance

If you have not yet verified your identity on Binance, create an account or login to an existing account. You can follow the steps in this article.

If you have a Binance account and have already verified your identity, go to step 2.

Note: Binance is not available in some areas and users in those areas will not be able to use this method for KYC or increased deposit limits with zkBob.

Step 2: Mint a Free BAB Token on Binance

A BAB token is a “soulbound” token on the BNB chain. This means it is non-transferable and uniquely identifies individuals who have completed KYC verification. Once you have verified your identity on Binance in step 1, you can mint a BAB token. Basic mobile instructions are linked below, we also have a few screenshots to show the process on desktop.

Mobile instructions ->

1) Click on the BABT menu item.

Access BAB token for zkBob

2) Connect your web3 wallet.

Connect your wallet for Binance BAB token and zkBob

3) Select the type of wallet to connect. You will need a small amount of BUSD to pay for the minting process. Here we select MetaMask.

Select a wallet to connect with for Binance BAB token with zkBob

4) Sign the message. Your web3 wallet will guide you through the signature process.

Sign a message for your wallet with Binance BAB token and zkBob

5) Click Get BAB Token.

Get Binance BAB token for zkBob KYC

6) Confirm payment for the token.

Confirm payment for BAB token with zkBob

7) Transaction submitted! Check your wallet in a few minutes to confirm receipt.

Transaction submitted for Binance BAB token with zkBob

Step 3: Visit Know your Cat to mint your CAT token on Polygon

Now that you have a BAB token in your wallet, you can connect to the Know Your Cat protocol to mint your cat. Mint your cat on Polygon, and it will show that you have completed KYC.

1) Go to and connect your wallet. You can either connect on the header or the link below the search bar.

Connect to Know Your Cat for zkBob

2) Select your web3 wallet of choice. Here we select MetaMask.

Connect wallet zkBob KYC with Know Your Cat

3) Enter the 0x wallet address or ENS name for your wallet in the search box, or click below the box to access your current connected wallet. This should be the same wallet that holds your BAB token.

Enter web3 wallet address for Know Your Cat with zkBob

4) You will see the credentials your cat includes. Click the Free mint on Polygon button to mint your cat. Follow the MetaMask prompts to complete the transaction.

Mint Know your Cat on Polygon for zkBob

Step 4: Connect your wallet containing your cat token to zkBob.

1) Check the web3 wallet (MetaMask or WalletConnect) containing your cat is connected to zkBob. If not, click the Connect wallet button to connect your account.

Connect your wallet zkBob
View your connected account zkBob KYC

2) View your enhanced deposit limits. You can now deposit up to 20,000 BOB per day, thanks to the power of KYC 😻!

KYC zkBob view enhanced limits

Step 5: Keep your cat fresh!

To maintain eligibility for higher deposit limits you will need to resync cat activity on Polygon. Eligibility expires every 7 days.

1) Go to the Cheshire ID page at and connect your wallet.

Refresh KYC for zkBob

2) Enter your 0x or ENS address where you have your cat.

Check zkBob for KYC status

3) If expired, the BAB icon will be greyed out. Click to open, click Resync on Polygon, then complete the steps in your web3 wallet.

Resync KYC on Polygon for zkBob

To learn more about the zkBob and Know Your Cat collaboration, see this excellent article from the Know Your Cat team: